“We will not be surprised or shocked if the Senator, wife of the former American president … changes her surname to Zion, Moishele, or Sharoni. Simultaneously with sexual prostitution and corruption, chronic political prostitution spreads in the US ruling circles. Since Hillary Clinton was elected congresswoman [sic] for the state of New York, she has been practicing a kind of political prostitution that is even worse than her husband’s sexual debauchery. We are not surprised by the position of this political whore – a position that turns the facts upside down in order to win the love and support of the Zionist lobby in the US.” – from an article titled “Hillary Clinton Is A Zionist Whore,” printed by Al-Ittihad, the Arabic language mouthpiece for the Israeli Communist party.

THAT FRENCH LETTER TRANSLATED BY ALTA VISTA: “The death of a human being, was he an assassin is always tragic. I find that your ticket on the death of Mustapha Zibri misses elegance.”