“She was only 22 years old. Yet in an instant, Aaliyah Dani Haughton joined an exclusive but heartbreaking club: stars who are gone too soon. Aaliyah was Mercury rising. She was Saturn with brilliant rings of movies, songs and laughter getting brighter and hotter. But she was more. Unlike others on the verge of greatness, Aaliyah’s success had already mounted the horizon and was coming at her like a sunrise in a hurry. She had already reached places that once existed only in her dreams. But she wanted mega-stardom on the scale of Barbra Streisand’s. When word came of her fatal plane crash in The Bahamas last Saturday, we mourned a star, not the hope of a star. As did two other rising stars — James Dean and Selena — she left too soon for the world to know truly how far she could go.” Rochelle Riley, Knight Ridder.