The hate-crime that turned out to be hoax, a reader tells me, was first reported in the New York Daily News, the Los Angeles Times, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, and The Washington Post. Let me know if you see a correction in any of these papers. It’ll be interesting to see if they bother.

POSEUR ALERT I: “There’s a giant swan on the cover of Vespertine, Björk’s newest album (out last week), and Björk once again sports the swan dress in all her photos. I’m unable to suss out the waterfowl semiotics at play here, but I did notice that Bjö has line-drawings of a duck. As for the album title, “vespertine” means crepuscular-blossoming at dusk, like vesper prayers. In contrast to the bombast of earlier Björk tunes, Vespertine is a dusky, twilight creation. It’s electronic music, but no one will dance to it. It made me want to curl up in an egg chair, pull a few mellow tokes, and work on my macrame.” – Seth Stevenson, Slate.

HOTLINE SCOOP: According to the Hotline, I’m a liberal pundit. Why didn’t they tell Peter Beinart that?

POSEUR ALERT II: “This evening the water crept slowly away toward low tide, like a purple pool of mercury, and then the low red moon grew over the horizon. The final drag shows are closing; the bar patrons dwindle; the seasonal townies gather for long bull sessions over smoke and wine. This has been a vintage summer, but its ending has been a classic.” – Andrew Sullivan,

THOSE CANNY BRITS: Fresh from reprinting the hoax survey of presidential I.Q.s as if it were fact, the Guardian of London just ran the following item: “Commiserations to Palatino, Geneva and the rest, but the champion at Tuesday’s 73rd annual Fonty Awards in Los Angeles was Helvetica Bold Oblique, which took home 11 statues, including 2001 Best Font. “A million thanks to all the wonderful folks in the font community who believed in Helvetica Bold Oblique,” said its jubilant designer Oliver Gwynneth Rudd. “Without your faith in my vision, I would not be here before you tonight.” Now stop that, Oliver, before we all get the moists.” The provenance of the story? The Onion! And the Brits think Americans have an irony deficiency?