The solution to this conflict, Gary Kamiya of Salon suggests, is to hold Israel’s aid hostage until they agree to let the people who celebrated this atrocity march into Jerusalem to conduct their Jihad from a closer vantage point. How anyone can even take a passing look at the developments since the Oslo Accord and blame Israel for unwillingness to take a risk for peace is beyond me. Kamiya’s response to the invasion of Czechoslovakia would be to hand Hitler a nice chunk of Poland. After all, isn’t it the underlying grievances of the German people that need addressing first? They feel alienated and betrayed. We need to pressure its neighbors to make more concessions. Then the German people and their radical leaders will be satisfied. The sheer moral relativism of this article – and its complete ignorance of history – is so eloquent. After a naked act of war by a sub-culture that makes no bones about its unremitting hatred of anything Jewish or American, Salon encourages us all to Blame Israel First. The magazine even equates American suffering with Palestinian suffering in its photo-images. This isn’t just moral equivalence. It’s moral abdication.