A new low in hatred for America written by a woman called Charlotte Raven in the Guardian. I cite it not because it represents the people of Britain. Raven and her leftist, nihilist cohorts in London’s chattering classes, have no real connection to the people of Britain. But they are sustained by the same decadent beliefs that sustain many of our own chattering elites. For Raven, America in these last few days has been what America has always been: “deeply dumb.” For her, “Like so many of the ideas America is going to war to defend, free speech is a nice thought that hasn’t panned out in practice.” For her, delight at this horror is restricted to “three or four Palestinians.” There is no war; and no real enemy. Bin Laden’s network is just a handful of loons, and their cause, if not their method, is just: “If anti-Americanism has been seized, temporarily, by forces that have done dreadful things in its name, there is no reason for its adherents to retreat from its basic precepts. America is the same country it was before September 11. If you didn’t like it then, there’s no reason why you should have to pretend to now.” That this was written in the wake of this hideous event shows how blind some people’s hatred can be. I reprint it not because it is worth responding to. It is beneath response. But we might as well be aware of the enemy within the West itself – a paralyzing, pseudo-clever, morally nihilist fifth column that will surely ramp up its hatred in the days and months ahead.

BUSH’S FINEST HOUR: Tired of the predictable gripes about our president almost as soon as this crisis started – as if no new evidence were required to damn him? Tired of Rick Berke and Mary McGrory and Le Monde and Michael Moore? Dick Morris gets it right this morning. The comparison with Clinton is particularly sharp.

MOORE AND FALWELL BACKTRACK: I’m glad to see that Jerry Falwell has apologized for his remarks. I notice that Pat Robertson has not. I am appalled that Falwell was invited to the National Cathedral. It will be a mark of president Bush’s commitment to this country that neither Falwell nor Robertson are ever invited to a formal or informal White House function again. They are evil. They even sunk below Farrakhan in their response to this event, and they deserve to be consigned to the same small box of derision that Farrakhan languishes in among decent people. But at least Falwell has responded to the criticism. Not so Michael Moore, the man who wrote the following words on his website on September 11: “Many Families have been devastated tonight. This is just not right. They did not deserve to die. If someone did this to get back at Bush, then they did so by killing thousands of people who DID NOT VOTE for him! Boston, New York, DC and the planes’ destination of California – these where places that voted AGAINST Bush!” It appears he has now deleted that message from his site, An apology is beyond him. He’s now in Sontag territory.