Superb and devastating piece by Jake Tapper in Salon on the craven and dubious posturing of the official Muslim lobby groups in the U.S., specifically the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the American Muslim Council (AMC). Who do they really represent? Why have they not been able to say without reservation that they condemn bin Laden? Jake nails this one dead. Another feather in the cap of the sensible, liberal, fighting left.

MUST-READ II: Perhaps the most enlightening and elegant essay on this conflict that I’ve so far read was written well before September 11. In fact, it was written eleven years ago – by the peerless scholar of Islam, Bernard Lewis, in the Atlantic – and is called “The Roots of Muslim Rage.” Check it out. It makes for deeply sobering reading, and is an essential counter-weight to some of the bromides peddled by, among others, president Bush’s Catholic ghost-writer, David Forte.

REUTERS TIPS: Late entries for euphemisms for terrorists: “Deconstructionists;” “faith-based demolition engineers.”