I mean the Guardian, that is, the leading Western anti-war newspaper. In today’s editorial, it folds. It concedes that there is still fighting to come, that the war isn’t over, that humanitarian problems will no doubt continue. Then the kicker: “All that is true, but it absolutely misses the bigger picture, which is that the US-led campaign in Afghanistan continues to be far more successful than the pessimists, and even most optimists, ever thought possible. It is always harder to act than not to act, but the action taken by the US has been largely vindicated, at least in the short term… This is not a reason for silly gloating; but it certainly ought to be a reason for those who have consistently claimed to know that each stage of the operation would create some new and worse catastrophe to confess that they got it wrong. Their confidence turned out to be fear. Their apparent knowledge was in fact ignorance. Their belief that history would prove them right proved only the more useful lesson that history repeats itself until it does not.” Good for the Guardian. Moderate liberals are now denying that there ever was an anti-war left; and left-liberals are now announcing that they were wrong about the war. Does it get any sweeter than that?