Perceptive blogger analysis of how the Times, while being ostensibly even-handed, tips the scales against Fortuyn’s political identity.

DREHER ON FORTUYN: Excellent column by Rod Dreher on the meaning of Fortuyn’s assassination. I’m amazed at how obtuse much of the media is being about this story. In my view, in the context of European politics, the European debates about immigration, multiculturalism, the EU, free speech, and terrorism, this event is truly profound. Why is this story therefore being buried in the major papers? Because it flies against the preconceptions of most American editors, who don’t seem to have a clue about what’s really happening over there? OKay, guys, here’s a pull-quote from Dreher for you:

A woman who answered the phone at Fortuyn campaign headquarters last night said things were too chaotic there, and that no one would be able to speak to the foreign press until today. Through her tears, she said, “It’s unbelievable that someone gets killed only for saying what they believe.”

Get it now?