Several stories prompted by my blog of last Friday about being canned by Howell Raines. Here’s Howie Kurtz and Nick Schulz. A little taken aback by your emails, though. I haven’t had so many congratulations since I graduated college. Two typical emails:

I don’t always agree with what you have to say, but if this latest is the response of the NYT to someone legitimately expressing their opinion, fuck them.

And this one:

Just heard you got fired from the NY Times Magazine roster. Thank God. Thank Paul Krugman.

Actually, I think Mr. Krugman would find that last comment a trifle superfluous.

SPEAKING OF KRUGMAN: Blogger Matthew Hoy is developing a rep as the quintessential debunker of Krugman rhetoric. Today’s post – put up mere minutes after Krugman’s column came online – strikes me as an exemplum of how blogging is keeping big-shot journalism on its toes.