Ron Radosh on the anti-war movement’s reliance on a Communist front, ANSWER.

THE GAY LEFT’S MYOPIA: Some leftist gay groups, like the extremist National Gay Lesbian Task Force, have come out against a war against gay-hating tyrants. They hate Bush more than people who crush gay people under stone walls. Now another gay group is organizing a trip to Cuba! I’m not sure if they’ll visit any of the sequestered camps for people with HIV. Maybe they’ll just wave to the imprisoned gay Cubans from their plane.

STILL SPINNING: Britain’s head cardinal (a bishop who actually confirmed me long ago) is still saying that in years gone by, no one really understood that pedophilia was a terrible offense. “There was a curve in understanding of firstly the addictive nature of paedophilia, secondly the great damage that is done to children and people say we should have known all this 20 years ago but I don’t know,” opines Cardinal Cormac Murphy O’Connor in the Daily Telegraph. “Personally, and its true to say that not only among bishops but in wider society, this was not known. Therefore the way a number of the bishops acted were ways in which they wouldn’t act now because they don’t have the knowledge they have now.” Truly pathetic. Elsewhere, O’Connor bemoans the fact that Britain has become a pagan society. Well, at least some pagans know that raping children is wrong.