If you’re as eager to understand what on earth is going on out there as I am, take a look at this website, which has been a big help to me in recent weeks. It’s called “Iraq Today,” and has a plethora of stories on the difficult transition to democracy in that newly liberated country. My own view that we do indeed need more troops for basic security measures was only buttressed by this report in the New York Times today. Many munitions dumps only lightly protected? Why don’t we just hand the terrorists weapons while we’re at it? Glad to see the president is going to address the country tomorrow night on the state of play in Iraq. I hope it isn’t just pablum or optimism. He needs to frankly acknowledge the problems, as well as telling us how we are going to overcome them.

NOT ECSTASY: Useful reminder of how some hysterical evidence against the use of soft recreational drugs should not always be taken on trust – even in a prestigious journal like “science.” I was skeptical when I read reports of a study that showed ecstasy gives you Parkinson’s or could kill 20 percent of its users. It turns out the study was using the wrong chemical. The poor monkeys. They weren’t so much loved up as fried.