Here’s a lefty terror expert on a liberal website, describing the Bush administration’s global campaign against al Qaeda:

You can either have Al-Qaeda as this small group I’m talking about, this hardcore around bin Laden, that evolved very late on in the development of modern Islamic militancy, and to my mind has now disappeared. Since 2001, I would say that their role in what is happening today, or their role in the threats and various bombs there have been, is negligible. Bin Laden is peripheral. His practical ability to commission or organize terror has been minimized. Many of those operatives who were drawn to him in the late 1990s have been killed or imprisoned. Others have had their efficiency vastly curtailed by the hugely enhanced monitoring by various secret services and cooperation between security authorities. So the hardcore Al-Qaeda…defined in that narrow sense, is over effectively as a really powerful force in modern Islamic militancy.

He doesn’t argue that the terrorist threat is over, just that its more organized and deadly forms have been stymied. And here’s another piece that puts together more of the good work the government is doing to combat terrorism across the globe. Useful and necessary perspective.