Yet another sickening anti-Semitic attack in France, and the usual blathering from Chirac about it. When Chirac actually criticizes his favorite Arab states for fomenting anti-Semitism, then I’ll take him seriously. Meanwhile, we get the following veiled threat from Deutsche Welle:

Since the territories before the Six Day War in 1967 weren’t part of a sovereign state, one couldn’t speak of an “occupation,” therefore the Geneva Convention wasn’t applicable, the argument went. But out of “generosity,” Israel said it was prepared to follow parts of the convention. But after the ruling in The Hague, the days of such selective generosity should be over. Now, it’s official: Israel is an occupying force, and does have to abide by international law if it doesn’t wish to be treated as a pariah.

How about finding a way to defend itself from terror? Or do murdered Jews no longer concern the Germans?

BUY HITCH A DRINK: I’m not sure this is the best idea, but who am I to object? Instead of paying our favorite writers, why not reward them with Johnny Walker Red?

DEATH BY HAIR-DRYER: No, this is not a new device invented by drag queens to torture Trent Lott, it’s apparently an al Qaeda dream:

Rabei Osman Sayed Ahmed] boasts that while the Americans possess nuclear weapons, he has seen “something in the form of a hair dryer” that causes “the most horrible death possible” by suffocation.

Does anyone know what he’s referring to? And I don’t mean this.

OKRENT AND KELLER: Jeff Jarvis has some interesting things to say about how well the new NYT ombudsman is doing. I must say I thought his piece on the Tony Hendra affair was brilliantly nuanced and intelligent (full disclosure: I chatted with him about it but didn’t come up with the resolution he did). I also think he’s been doing a pretty good job – independent without being too snarky, and clear about how he reaches his judgments even if you disagree with him. Pity the NYT doesn’t seem to agree.