Here’s a great blog post about the blithering idiot, Michael “heck of a job” Brown, hired with no credentials to run a critical agency at a time of national peril. I guess some of us pundits bear the blame. We should have known that someone who had been fired for being unable to run an Arabian Horse Association had the job of responding to a national disaster in the war on terror. He was hired because a Bush crony, Joe Allbaugh (also hired because he was a major Bush fundraiser) liked him. The good ol’ boy network at its most brazen. If the president wants to recover even a little from what has happened to his reputation, he has to fire Brown. Now. That’s the test of whether he gets it. Not his furrowed brow press conferences. Not his spin. Not the desperate attempts by Republican partisans – once again! – to blame someone else down the chain of command. I don’t normally agree with Michelle Malkin, but she’s right on this one. I think we need the same blog pressure to get rid of Brown that we had with Trent Lott and Howell Raines. This is not a liberal-conservative issue. This is a competence issue. It’s a question of national security. Fire Brown now.