It’s been a privilege. I don’t think there’s much doubt that Ross Douthat and Julian Sanchez are among the brightest minds in their generation, and I’ve been honored to have them aboard, while I concentrate on book-writing. The debates we’ve had illustrate, I’d like to think, how diverse the “conservative” world is now, and also how we can debate civilly without being boring. Don’t miss them in their usual homes, Ross here and Julian here. Thanks for being so welcoming to them and indulgent of my extra-curricular work.

BOOKS AND BLOGS: Thanks too for helping me write the book. Virginia Postrel recently noted how some “mainstream journalists” see bloggers as people who don’t read books. Ahem. We also write them, as Virginia has shown and as Glenn will soon prove. What I’m finding in my own book-writing is how much the blog has helped inform the book, how it has become a treasure trove of information and comment and ideas from all over the place. When looking to buttress a particular point or hunt down a piece of evidence, I find myself searching my own blog for links and data. The readers – that’s you – have also helped me immensely. Take the recent discussion of zygotes and dispensationalists. They are minor parts of the book, but I’ve gained a huge amount from your input. Not only is blogging compatible with book-writing, it may be helpful. The main problem is finding long spaces of time to wander around in your own thoughts. Books need that. Blogging makes it very hard. But that’s the only real conflict I’ve found.

FLAT-LINING: After a small bounce in November, Bush’s ratings are stuck in the low 40s. Mystery Pollster has the goods.

– posted by Andrew.