Dogs In Elk


A reader sent me this dated list-serv exchange "table talk" blog involving a traumatized dog owner. What happens when you live in New Mexico and an elk decides to keel over in your backyard? All the local dogs think it’s the Rapture and the carcass becomes an all-you-can-eat buffet and a daycare center. Money quote:

"Anne V – 02:44 pm PDT – Sep 9, 1999 – I did call my vet. He laughed until he was gagging and breathless. He says a lot of things, which can be summed as *what did you expect?* and *no, there is no such thing as too much elk meat for a dog.* He is planning to stop over and take a look on his way home. Thanks, Lori. I am almost surrendered to the absurdity of it.

Lori Shiraishi – 02:49 pm PDT – Sep 9, 1999 – He is planning to stop over and take a look on his way home. So he can fall down laughing in person?

Anne V – 02:50 pm PDT – Sep 9, 1999 – Basically, yeah. That would be about it."

All dog-owners have been there, but this one really takes the biscuit. Second money quote:

"Here are some things I have learned, this Rosh Hashanah weekend: 1. almond milk removes elk blood from curtains and pillowcases, 2. We can all exercise superhuman strength when it comes to getting elk carcasses out of our yard, 3. The sight of elk ribcages hurtling over the fence really frightens the nice deputy sheriff who lives across the street, and 4. the dogs can pop the screens out of the windows, without damaging them, from either side."

Just passing indispensable information along, as only the blogosphere can.