Quote for the Day IV


"Here we are at a press conference where you are able to put me, the British Prime Minister, and this the new Iraqi Prime Minister, under pressure. That is what has happened in Iraq. Iraq has a government elected by the people, but for all the difficulties caused by those of terrorism and bloodshed who want to disrupt democracy surely the great thing that has happened here is that despite all the terrorism and violence the people have spoken, they have elected the government, the government has a programme that the government wants to deliver for its people.

And the answer to your Question is it worth it, is the fact that we are even here, having this conversation and discussion, as people in a country that is now a democracy and for all the challenges which we have to overcome, that is better surely than people living in dictatorship and we should refuse absolutely to believe that Iraqis are not entitled to the same rights and the same freedoms as people in our country or throughout the rest of the world," – British prime minister, Tony Blair, at a press conference with Iraqi prime minister, Nouri Maliki, yesterday.

(Photo: Empics/Landov.)