The Window Project

A reader writes:

I am a (very) infrequent reader of any blogs, but yours is one of the few I have bookmarked.  I came across the "The View From Your Window" series today and found it capivating. The sense of immediacy and even intimacy – made possible by the instantaneous transmission of digital photographs over high-speed fiber optic cable networks – is the best thing about it. The photos would have nowhere near the same effect if they had been taken, say, a few months ago; it’s the sense of "here’s how things look where I am, halfway around the world or maybe only ninety miles south, a few hours ago" that demands the viewer’s attention and ensures success.
I understand you have other claims on your time than sorting through and posting photos – but still, this is brilliant.

I’m delighted by the response – I’ve now had several hundred entries. I’ve tried to select for variety and for specificity. Purely subjective criteria, of course – so please don’t feel bad if you didn’t make the cut. I find the digital glimpse into the worlds of the readers of this blog oddly moving. All those pageviews are actually human beings, with lives and homes and windows. Every time I get exhausted by the blogosphere, something like this happens, and I’m in love with it all over again.