The View From Your Window


Cape Town, South Africa, sundown.

This one has a back-story, which is worth – just this time – recounting:

I’m visiting my partner outside of his native country of India for the first time ever. I’m a US citizen, he’s Indian, and like so many foreigners, he can’t get a visitor’s visa, never mind a green card, for the US. And of course I can’t sponsor him since we’re a same-sex couple. Even getting a visa for South Africa was a difficult undertaking for him. But he got it, finally, just six hours before his flight from Bombay was departing. We’re vacationing together in Cape Town, South Africa, and these are the views from the place we’re staying. Sundown on our first day here.

Not many straight couples understand the way in which bi-national gay couples are kept apart, hounded and isolated by immigration laws, especially in the U.S. where gay couples are deemed non-existent under federal law.