Our Rogue Veep

The Bush administration has broken all records in keeping its documents secret and classified. But one official is head and shoulders above everyone else. Money quote:

With 14 million decisions made last year to classify information, a slight decline from the 2004 record, and 29.5 million pages declassified last year — far fewer than the 100 million pages declassified in 2001. And once again, Vice President Dick Cheney, who has refused to report on his office’s classification activities since 2003, is missing from the count.

Despite an executive order signed by President Bush in 2003 requiring all agencies or “any other entity within the executive branch that comes into the possession of classified information’’ to report on its activities, the vice president’s office maintains that it has no legal obligation to report on its classification decisions.

They’re not just insisting on the right to classify anything they like; they’re refusing even to tell us what they’re classifying. It’s bad enough that Cheney has to seek re-election every four years – the indignity! – but that he should follow the president’s instructions? Please. He’s Cheney. The "accountability moment" is over.