The Base Vs Mary

Here’s TownHall blogger Kevin McCullough’s response to the Mary Cheney news. Money quote:

Knowing from scientific data that children excel best when given the full and natural parental structure of one mother and one father, is it moral to bring a child into such a scenario – purposefully, simply to stroke one’s own desire to have a child – sort of like a new handbag, or pair of shoes?

So the vice-president’s future grandchild is now the equivalent of a pair of shoes? Send me more examples of base reax, will you? In many ways, the GOP’s base response to the reality of gays seems to me similar to their attitude to the reality of Iraq. They have an ideology; it just doesn’t fit persuasively with reality. The more reality bites, the more fiercely they stick to their ideology. This is why the Christianist psyche really is the anti-conservative psyche. It is a rigid political ideology, enhanced with the certitude of religious fundamentalism, and deployed with Schmittian ruthlessness. In the end, it must fail. It will fail. And it is failing. All that remains to be discovered is the extent of the human damage it has wrought.