Pro-Democrat Romney

The Massachusetts flip-flopper also threw a fundraiser for a Democratic candidate in 1992. It was for an open Senate seat. Money quote:

A Romney spokesman, Kevin Madden, confirmed that the fundraiser had occured but dismissed its significance. "Doug Anderson is a close personal friend of Mitt Romney," Madden told us. Madden added that "sometimes friendship qualifies politics, and that was the case with Doug Anderson and Mitt Romney in 1992."

The fundraiser is significant because it shows that Romney actively sought to help a Democrat take an open Senate seat from the GOP. Romney has already been heavily criticized by conservatives who think his socially liberal views in the early 1990s — he migrated from a pro-choice position to a pro-life one several years later, and underwent a similar conversion on gay rights — are a sign that he would be an unreliable ally in the White House. Romney has aggressively been moving to explain his earlier views in an effort to convince conservatives they can trust him.

In many ways, I find Romney an appealing, moderate Republican: competent, reformist, articulate. And then he tried to run as Hewitt-theocon.