Kos, Obie And The “Vichycrats”

Why the hate? A Kossack reader writes:

My take is that Kos and folks like him in the netroots, including myself, are what the militant feminists were for the women’s movement. We’re sick and tired of Republicans in general, this administration in particular, and what passes for liberalism in this country that we’ve got nothing but contempt for the ‘battered-wife’, mainstream Vichy Democrats the beltway press, in our view, glorifies. Because Obama has seemingly criticized the partisanship we crave we thus see him as attempting to align himself as a battered-wife, Vichycrat against those who have done the most to organize resistance to this evil, evil administration sitting in Washington. This makes us angry because we see it as both disrespectful and counterproductive.

But, I support Obama despite this because I understand political reality and I love what he represents – a transition away from white baby-boomers bickering over the cultural changes of the 60s and 70s towards a politics that is truly representative of the multi-cultural, polyglot, open society that America is today.

So, while I wish Obama would stand up and rip out Dick Cheney’s heart in front the soulless one’s family and proceed to eat it raw on live television, I’ll just mutter under my breath, hope for the best, and love him for who he is. He’s got my vote even if isn’t going to douse the Bush’s with gasoline and light them on fire. That’s the netroots job anyway.