Malkin Award Nominee

Andrew Sullivan —  Jan 8 2008 @ 3:58pm

"Conversely, I remain immune to Obama’s appeal. Who’s writing his speeches? Rob Reiner? How such utter empty gas-baggery could sound to so many people like the second coming of Pericles utterly baffles me. And yet evidently it does thrill millions of people, not only the Beatlemaniacs in the liberal blogosphere, but (much more importantly) the still-powerful custodians in the big media, who have decided that any criticism of Obama no matter how well founded is out of bounds. (See negative reaction to Hillary Clinton’s rebuttal, as above.)  …

There’s an irony here: I think it was Mort Sahl who said of Barry Goldwater that he had always suspected that the first Jewish president would be an Episcopalian. It’s even weirder that the first African-American president should have no African-American relatives! Maybe that’s why he plays so well in white America: Obama too learned about slavery and segregation from books," the ever-classy David Frum. (My apologies to JPod to whom I ascribed this originally by mistake.)