A Guide To The Bloggy Right


An amusingly bitchy and sometimes extremely close-to-the bone guide from the Village Voice to the right-wing blogosphere. Heh. Indeed. (Why, though, is Obama-leaning Megan in the mix?) This take on Ace Of Spades sums up the mood in many quarters:

MODUS OPERANDI: Not much changes with Ace. Believes the Wright scandal "belies Obama’s appeal to those of us who wish black folks well but honestly would prefer to be left the fuck alone to live our lives in peace"; disdains Clinton ("Seven Year Bitch"); agnostic on McCain ("he would rather lose a war than a political argument"). Has threatened to sit out the election unless McCain goes anti-immigration.

WHAT TO EXPECT: In the eleventh hour, will remember that McCain is running against a woman or a black guy. Then, porn and car-crash videos all around!