Clintons And Kennedys Be Gone

by Chris Bodenner
I was prepared to discount this endorsement by celebrity Alec Baldwin, but it’s actually quite compelling:

When Hillary Clinton ran for President, she ran as a woman, in my opinion, and I believe that is why she lost. She invoked her Glass Ceiling Sister Act whenever she found it useful while Obama made far less of his race during the campaign. … This country has been run for centuries by men only…. To break that mold, you almost had to avoid the subject of breaking any mold whatsoever.

But in a state like New York, teeming with talented, ambitious and dedicated women within its political circles, [Paterson must appoint a woman.] … There are names being tossed around now, but let’s spare New Yorker’s the Celebrity Senate Seat dynamic…. Most of the names thrown around now are smart, caring New Yorkers. But only one is both fair and makes real sense for our state. Nita Lowey doesn’t want it. Appoint Carolyn Maloney.