The Daily Wrap

The Dish hummed with activity today. Andrew continued to express misgivings about the Gulliver-like situation in Afghanistan, and criticized McChrystal for the pressure he seems to be exerting on the White House – a concern challenged by Dish readers. Building on the reactions to yesterday's leak, we grabbed commentary from Exum, Ricks, Packer, Michael Lind, Ackermann, Les Gelb, and Ed Morrissey.

In the spiritual sphere, Andrew continued his running debate over theodicy (here, here, and here), a topic sparked by this Sunday post. He also responded at length to new numbers showing a decrease in religious faith among Americans.

Elsewhere, Andrew waxed eloquent over the insanity of the HIV ban, bemoaned the brain drain caused by US immigration law, and took another long look at the legacy of Irving Kristol.

The Dish also covered: two more updates from the Atlanta bar raid, a look at how the US criminalizes teen sex, a view from a Canadian sickbed, two examples of Glenn Beck taking hits from the right, and a glimpse into Obama's vast, art-wing conspiracy.

Finally, we organized a dance competition between Tom Delay and David Brent. (Too close to call.)

— C.B.