Leave Sarah Alone! Ctd

A reader writes:

In response to your other reader emails requesting that you leave Sarah alone, let me say – don't leave her alone!  I am currently living overseas in Sydney and let me tell you, she is the international face of the Republican party.  Unlike parliamentary systems of government where there is a clear opposition leader, in the US there is no clear leader.  So for whatever reason (I'll leave that analysis up to the experts) Sarah Palin has become the international de facto face of the opposition.  No one in Sydney knows who John Boehner is.  No one knows who Mitch McConnell is.  Yes, they know John McCain, but he is old news.  Whenever you read or hear a story down here about political opposition to any of Obama's policy initiatives it is always Sarah Palin that is quoted. 

Like it or not, she is the current face of the GOP. That's why it is necessary that she be treated as a serious politician and not simply as a celebrity.

Exactly. If you disagree, by all means email. But if you really disagree, read someone else. I'm in this till it's over and I get some answers – not because of Palin, but because of what Palin has revealed about the sick state of the American media and political elite.