Porn In Church

Andrew Sullivan —  Feb 26 2010 @ 8:38pm


Box Turtle Bulletin noted awhile ago that Ugandan pastor Martin Ssempa is showing graphic gay pornography in Church to shock his congregation and rile up support for Uganda's kill-the-gays bill. Box Turtle follows up by linking to a Ugandan writer who mocks the church:

This makes Makerere Community Church the only place in Uganda where watching pornography is “legal”. According to Uganda’s laws, even mere possession of pornographic material is a crime. It would appear that Makerere Community Church has got a special license to show porn. Moreover, perhaps following Jesus Christ’s example of welcoming children, even kids can watch porn at Makerere Community Church.

Photograph from Warren Throckmorton. He says that  the photos "were provided anonymously by someone who attended one of the presentations over the past few weeks…Suffice to say they are troubling but not in the way Pastor Ssempa hopes. This is leather S&M which of course is unrepresentative of the population he hopes to demonize." The NSFW image Throckmorton describes after the jump: