The Police State And The Cannabis Closet

A reader writes:

That Scenes From the Drug War post really freaked me out. I watched the video all the way through and was so bugged that I posted it to my Facebook page. Six hours later I came back and found two comments. One was from a buddy of mine who is an FBI agent doing anti-gang work in New York City. He urged me to join and advocate for decriminalization. The second was from a lawyer friend of mine who wrote "it has happened before," and posted this link.  After reading a second story about a police raid over drugs that aren't found and involving pets murdered in front of family members, I started to get concerned. If there are other documented examples of this kind of behavior, they need to be compiled into a single place so we can get a handle on exactly what kind of society we are running here.

You see, I just started smoking marijuana about eight months ago and I recently had a drug dealer over to my apartment. Now I'm wondering whether there is a possibility that the police will break down my door, shoot my dog, and arrest me. I have seriously started to wonder whether I've been wrong for my entire life about who the good guys are and who the bad guys are in society, at least when it comes to drugs. I come from a Christian home and I've always admired the police. But this is scary and it has me bewildered.

Eight months ago I probably would have been neutral to mildly supportive of the war on drugs. But in October of 2009 a neighbor of mine got me smoking weed with her and then we stayed up late on several occasions and talked while high. I am 35 and had only smoked on about two occasions prior to that, both times since I turned 30. This time I smoked with this friend on about 20 different occasions, figured out how to do it right, and we often spent several hours in deep conversation.

The experience caused me to dramatically re-evaluate my life and it resulted in the end of a depression that I've been in for several years. I've not been depressed for about three months solid, and it is one of the weirdest experiences of my life. I haven't been this enthusiastic in a decade. At first I chalked it up to making a job switch and doing some thinking. Shortly after I started smoking pot with my friend I got the name of her supplier, bought a bit of my own, and then read a couple books on marijuana including Understanding Marijuana: A New Look at the Scientific Evidence. A couple of times the author mentioned that marijuana has been used to treat depression.

Then, a few weeks later I Googled "indica vs sativa" and happened upon a website that claimed sativa is used to treat depression. I still didn't think anything of it. A week later I asked my supplier for some sativa, assuming we'd been getting indica all along since it is more common. He told me that we had in fact been smoking a primarily sativa variety. Now I wonder if I have in fact unwittingly benefited from medical marijuana. Maybe my job change and my thinking had a good deal to do with the lifting of my depression, but I've changed jobs before and I've done a lot of thinking all my life. What did seem to correspond exactly with the lifting of my depression was a couple of months smoking weed and talking things over with a friend.

I guess it's about time for someone to kick down my door, shoot my dog in front of a child, terrorize my housemates, and arrest me – for the good of society.