Faces Of The Day

Neatorama reviews Joel Sartore’s Rare: Portraits of America’s Endangered Species:

The first thought that ran across my mind when I read Joel Sartore’s book…was it’s a gorgeous book. Joel, a National Geographic photographer, has been on a 20-year personal mission to photograph examples of the world’s most endangered species, so you’d kinda expect that out of him.

There are currently about 1,500 known species in the world that are endangered – Joel presents 68 of them in his book, ranging from wolves to wolverines, pitcher plant to pineapple cactus; all exquisitely photographed…..The second thought that ran across my mind was that it’s a rather sad book. One of the last two Columbia Basin pygmy rabbits in the world died a few months after Joel took its photograph…

Heaps of beautiful still images here and here.

(Hat tip: 3QD)