Libertarian Doctrine And Education

Bryan Kaplan believes that there is no country on earth that is under-educated. Here is where you end up when libertarianism becomes dogma:

Education’s a good like any other.  If people refuse to spend their own money for more education, then it’s presumably just not worth it, right?  This is especially clear because governments habitually subsidize education.  Libertarians should believe that there’s an oversupply of education for the same reason they believe there’s an oversupply of sport stadiums: The status quo is desperately dependent on government funding.

Joyner's eyes widen:

And, I suppose, the fact that poor people are starving is proof that they’re not all that hungry?

Lots of Nigerians and Bolivians flock to the United States and other developed countries for higher education.  Even at lowly Jacksonville State, I had Nigerian students in my classes.  Rich Nigerians.  Their illiterate countrymen aren’t spending more of their hard-earned money on education because they’re wasting it on food, not because they think they’re better off uneducated.

Tyler Cowen has a sane response.