The Cannabis Closet: Christmas Dinner

A reader writes:

I was raised in a pot smoking family, and my parents looked at pot the same way they did other adult "vices"; they taught me to be careful, responsible, and respectful of other peoples' boundaries.  I went to college, got a BA and two advanced degrees, and now I'm successful in my career (although as an educator, my career would be destroyed by an arrest for possession).  My biggest struggles with substance abuse are with wine. 

My parents are retired from long careers in public service and, yes, they still smoke pot.  At Christmas this year, I will make a lovely dinner, my mother will open a few bottles of Burgundy, and my Dad will fill up a couple of balloons from the vaporiser.  We will laugh and talk and eat.  I look forward to the day when  my son will be able to keep up with the conversation, take a hit, and make a toast and join in the family celebration as an adult.