The Cannabis Closet: Mom’s Rules


A reader writes:

The trouble may be in the fact that those of us who smoke herb illegally have already negotiated all of the pitfalls only now being considered by those who don't. Yes, it stinks. That's why we eat it. (THC is fat-soluble, so melting it into butter or oil makes all kinds of yummies!) Yes, it causes second-hand smoke. That's why those of us with kids already keep our activities far away from them. In our house, for instance, pot is only smoked in the garage, which the kid has been informed is too dangerous for him to go into, what with the sharp tools and all (he's six, so this is working so far).

Yes, it impairs driving and working (duh, kinda the point), so we don't drive or work under the influence. As an actor, the idea of working stoned is absurd. In fact, my rule has always been exactly what your rheumatoid arthritis sufferer came up with – only when responsibilities are done and I'm in for the night (and now, that the wee one is asleep). I made up that rule when I was 23, when I first started smoking. Which is why I really do think one should wait until one is 21. One must figure out responsibilities first.

The only time I broke these rules and was caught by police (I was smoking in my apt – pre-kids – with the windows open, stupid), the cops gave me and my two friends a big lecture about how to keep it under the radar. (Rule 1, shut your windows.) Then they stole my pot. Of course, that was a happy outcome and I was grateful.

I think perhaps everyone else just needs to catch up to what we have already learned: how to keep it reasonable and under the radar.  It makes me think of the Cannabis Closet feature. If we somehow show the non-tokers that we have it all sorted, will it make them feel better?

(Photo by Flickrite Stephen Train)