Medicinal Mushrooms, Ctd

A final bit of housekeeping on this thread. A reader writes:

The fact that your correspondent is unfamiliar with a journal is hardly damning (and it’s amusing that he or she misnamed the other journal, which goes simply by “Neurology.”). The Journal of Neurology is actually a perfectly respectable peer-reviewed scientific journal. And the funny part is that The Journal of Neurology is a society journal (European Neurological Society); it is increasingly common for society journals to be handled through commercial publishers. Its publisher, Springer-Verlag, is one of the largest and most respected scientific publishers in the world; good journals can be found among commercial publishers as well as scientific societies.

I do agree that the originally cited article, an isolated case, doesn’t amount to much in isolation, and that a PubMed search doesn’t show much in the way of harmful physical side-effects of psilocybin.

P.S. I even have neuropathy! And I’ve published in Neurology, but not in the Journal of Neurology.