The NYT And Torture: The Double Standard Deepens, Ctd

Greenwald shoots and scores! From today's NYT:

After the Nazi invasion of France, Mr. Hessel fled to England and then flew secretly into occupied France as a Resistance officer. Captured by the Gestapo, he spent time in concentration camps.

Asked how he survived torture, he said, “The third time of waterboarding, I said, ‘Now, I’ll tell you.’ And I told them a lie of course.” He added: “One survives torture. So many people unfortunately have been tortured. But it’s not a thing to recommend.”

Torture? Waterboarding is just an "enhanced interrogation technique," no? Or an example of harsh or brutal treatment. At least according to Bill Keller. Well, not exactly. Keller's position is even more pathetic:

[D]efenders of the practice of water-boarding, including senior officials of the Bush administration, insisted that it did not constitute torture.

So the NYT defers to government power – even on an issue as profound as torture – rather than report the truth in plain English. And it does so solely with respect to the United States (and to a lesser extent, Israel).

There is one word for this: corrupt.