He Aims To Please, Ctd

GT_ROMNEY_BOBBLEHEAD_CROP_04042011 Daniel Larison skewers Romney for being “unable to stake out a foreign policy position until after the Republican consensus has formed”:

Libya is a contentious issue, and the party is evidently split over which position to take, so Romney predictably cannot take one. For someone who is so fond of mocking Obama’s leadership or lack thereof, it is revealing that when Romney has to stake out a position one way or the other on a controversial question he is unable to show any leadership at all.

David Frum tries to put a positive spin on Romney’s ideological, er, flexibility:

Again and again, Romney would salt statements that his audience wanted to hear with little mental asterisks noting that maybe what they wanted to hear was not exactly accurate, or wise, or in accordance with his own private opinions. Ironically it is this unwillingness to do the full 100% pander that creates the impression of “inauthenticity.” A less honest man would seem more authentic, at least for the moment.

(Photo: Alex Wong/Getty.)