Stalemate Watch

Al Jazeera updates:

For the fourth straight day, rebel troops have fought and failed to take the strategic eastern town of Brega from forces loyal to Muammar Gaddafi, the Libyan leader. On Monday, columns of opposition fighters drove up the main coastal highway, regaining ground they had given up the day before, but the effective use of artillery and landmines by Gaddafi's troops kept them at bay. … The regime's troops seem better able to hold onto ground than the untrained and undisciplined rebels; they dig entrenchments and have not retreated from Brega, even after another night of coalition air strikes on their positions on Sunday.

In other developments:

NATO officials confirm that the US will be withdrawing its aerial firepower from the military campaign in Libya later today. The US has so far conducted about half of the 70 daily air bombing missions on Gaddafi's tanks and other ground forces. Other NATO countries will move to fill the gap left by the US, the alliance says. …

Don't "shut the door" on arming the rebels, says former US President Bill Clinton. In remarks to ABC News, Clinton said he'd need to know more – presumably about the rebel makeup – before arming them, but wouldn't eliminate the possibility. 

AJE's top story at the moment details a Libyan envoy in Turkey negotiating a possible ceasefire with rebel forces.