The Beast Switch: Your Take

Andrew Sullivan —  Apr 4 2011 @ 1:48pm

A reader writes:

I've launched more than a few web sites in my career, and though you had a hiccup on the redirect this morning, it seemed short-lived and recoverable. I've seen much worse.

I have to tell you, though, I hate the new layout.  The email/permalink/social links on the left hand side of the stories are distracting and take up far too much room.  Is this a Daily Beast requirement? If not, put them back below the stories and save the bulk of your horizontal space for the headline and story. Just a thought.

That seems to be the biggest complaint among readers, and something we're already working on. This will get better soon. Another writes:

Too much white space. I feel like I'm staring down an antiseptic hospital hallway. Too cold and stark. Needs more color.

Another reader is more positive:

I just logged on to your new digs. I entered feeling a little intimidated, but the first thing that greeted me was a beard. I was comforted at once – it's still the Dish. Sigh.

It's all so new and shiny, I'm almost afraid to touch it. New appliances and everything. And yet it's still says "Andrew". Congratulations on your new home.


The new digs looks great. I may actually prefer the Beast page layout to the old one. It seems cleaner somehow. I do have a minor complaint, however. The hyperlinks now open in the same tab, rather than a new one. Is this intentional? It's rather irritating. Having to back out to return to The Dish is an unnecessary step, and made all the more obnoxious when working with a slow wi-fi connection.

That is a popular request, and we will fix it soon. It's the kind of thing you don't see when just viewing the page design. But we see it now and will respond. Another:

Permalinks at aren’t redirecting to Also, internal links from the Dish to the Dish still point to and hence dead-end.

After a short period, that issue should be resolved at this point, thanks to the great tech team at The Atlantic. Another:

I just tried a search and it returned all the content from TDB.  I would like the ability to search only The Dish, as there’s usually a specific post I’m looking for when I do so. There’s also no way to order the search results; by date at least would be nice.


It'll take a bit for me to get used to the new look, but I'm sure I will. However, can't we go back to the old font?  "New York" or "Times" or whatever you're using so far just isn't you.  Looks "old school" mid-'90s in a bad way.


The vertical space below the end of each post is wasted. The end of an article does not need such a generous allotment. 

On the other hand, space above a headline does favor readability and draws the eye to the headline. I suggest that you shift vertical space from the bottom to the top of your <li> elements. Doing so will also give your headlines a bit more space prior than following, which will be another improvement. Right now they are vertically equidistant between the bottom of the last post and the top of the content to which they refer.


One note of thanks: No more email popups every time I mouse over the "send me" stuff. Good riddance!


I noticed that you've merged the "Daily Read" and "Blog Love" sections on the new site. I use your blog as a portal to a few other blogs, all of which used to be under "Daily Read". Now it takes me forever to scroll down and find them. Also, are you really telling us you love Michelle Malkin's blog?

No, but she has a major voice on the far right, and I think it's worth checking in on from time to time. Another:

Well, my five-year stretch of checking your website out multiple times a day has come to an end, as my employer blocks my ability to view your new web address at thedailybeast because my the webmaster believes your website fits the category of "society and lifestyle."  Apparently, "society and lifestyle" web pages are bad for me to view during work hours on my work computer.

The personal pain will be great.  I will try to catch up when I get home, but I can't lie – I will be suffering from severe withdrawal. Maybe I can sneak in a few page views on my blackberry …


No goodbye post at/to The Atlantic, really?  What the eff is that about?

I wrote one on Friday – read it here.