The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Andrew commended Ryan for rebranding the GOP with a real dedication to fiscal reform. The hard left freaked out, Douthat thought it an important gamble, Andrew kept an eye on Ryan's blindspots, Gleckman anticipated Obama's response, and the war costs added up even in the face of proposed benefit cuts for the poor and elderly. Andrew despaired at the coverage of KSM's trial, and the politics of fear Obama's decision indicates. Noah Millman reminded the US we sometimes have to be a fickle friend, Yemen beat the US (just barely) in gun ownership, and the Nationa Review came around to civil liberties. Andrew skewered Karzai for keeping US welfare alive in Afghanistan, the situation at the Ivory Coast came to a head, and Andrew Exum explored whether Muslims fully grasp freedom of religious speech.

Contra Beinart, Andrew eagerly awaited the circus of 2012, third party candidates and all. Joyner tangled with the Republican candidates, Trump milked the birther vote, and not voting is like not doing anything about pollution. Andrew weighed love and friendship as a choice,  and demanded that we see the casualties that result from the policies we choose. Biking wasn't as yuppy as you think,  Nathan Yau jammed out to traffic patterns, and we remembered sad geniuses. Aaron Bady analyzed journalism's booty on the internet, Annalee Newitz examined why rejection hurts like physical pain, and America diversified. Will Wilkinson pondered David Foster Wallace's work ethic, Emily Bazelon bemoaned the wrong way to fight bullying, and a reader re-cartooned Andrew.

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