Bristol Palin: Cheesier Than The Situation


A reader writes:

One thing I found noteworthy about the amount of money that the Candie's Foundation paid Bristol for her abstinence promotion: in addition to the Palin spokesperson's blaming the whole thing, naturally, on an "anti-Palin organization that says Trigg [sic] isn't Palin's son", the Palin people gave the statement to E! Online.  (Their exclusive story is here.)  Not CNN, not some newspaper of record, not even Politico or any kind of actual news-gathering organization.  Entertainment Television.  I can't think of any better shorthand for how the Palins see their place in the media universe, or of the role that the family actually plays in the culture at large.

Another writes:

Her spokesperson's defense for her $262,500 compensation is, “If you do your research you’ll find that most nonprofits compensate their celebrity spokespeople and Bristol’s no different.”  Not exactly. 

The important thing to note is that it only takes a little research (by reading the Candie's Foundation Form 990 tax filing) that among all the many celebrity spokespersons for Candie's Foundation, Bristol is the only one that received compensation. The filing lists payments to non-employee contractors that relate to programs as being $262,500 total, which is precisely equal to the amount given to Bristol Palin. 

That means two things: (i) Bristol is the only "celebrity" who insisted on compensation (and a huge amount at that); and (ii) The Situation, who did that god-awful PSA with her, did not seek compensation.  I'm not sure which of these facts is more surprising, but taken together, they represent a major indictment of Palin.

(Image via Palingates)