A Shutdown Isn’t Merely Symbolic

Andrew Sullivan —  Apr 7 2011 @ 5:14pm


Steven Taylor wants the GOP to recognize that a government shutdown will have real-life consequences:

I find it rather frustrating that there seems to be little acknowledgement from the Republican of this issue that a shutdown will actually affect real people.  And I am not even specifically thinking about issues of people receiving services (although that is an issue worthy of consideration as well), but government employees (including deployed troops) who may miss at least one paycheck (if not more, depending on duration). 

Yes, they will eventually be compensated in full (with all of the commensurate inefficiencies entailed in such circumstances) but since most people rely on their paychecks to pay bills on the table right now, deferred payment is going to create any number of headaches for thousands upon thousands of persons whose only crime is working for the federal government (again, including members of the US military who are, in fact, public sector employees).

(Photo: Federal Employees demonstrate outside the Ralph H. Metcalfe Federal Building on April 7, 2011 in Chicago, Illinois. The demonstration organized by the American Federation of Government Employees was held to raise awareness about the impact the proposed 2011 federal budget. If a deal is not reached on the federal budget before the expiration of the stopgap government funding bill at midnight Friday non-essential government services are expected to be shutdown. By Scott Olson/Getty Images)