A Regular View From Your Airplane Window?

Rangiroa, French Polynesia

Rangiroa, French Polynesia, 12 pm.

A reader writes:

I don’t understand why you are getting rid of views from airplane windows. The daily VFYWs are such a treat each day, reminding us that the people who read and write on your blog are people attached to a place. In this, they represent the private, partial, and subjective aspect of political discourse.

But the airplane views are also emblematic of something that this blog seeks (in my opinion) to attain: a more universal point of view.

OK, so we may not all think such a thing is possible, but the airplane views remind us that we should aim our discourse at something that goes beyond our own individual viewpoints and takes a broader perspective. We see ourselves in those photos not exactly from a “God’s eye view,” but nevertheless from something approximating it. This is good, and healthy, and reminds us that we are part of something larger than ourselves.

Several readers have expressed similar sentiments. Another:

I thoroughly enjoy the VFYW series, but only when it has something to offer.  Yesterday’s Valley Forge shot does nothing for me.  It’s trees.  Could be Kansas City for all I know (or care).  It’s trees.

The aerials, though, I really enjoy.  The Provo, Utah shot I can relate too (my wife’s family lives there).  We’ve flown to Salt Lake many times, and this shot is from the air traffic approach pattern for SLC. This view is in fact incredible, as are many of the other aerials you’ve featured.  But even if I haven’t flown over something, I think the shots are great (and informative).

Perhaps a weekly feature?