Who Wins The Shutdown?

Andrew Sullivan —  Apr 8 2011 @ 10:08am

David Frum reads Romney's mind:

This budget proposal will end in tears, especially if there is a government shutdown tomorrow. The Democrats know that few Americans understand the difference between the 2011 Continuing Resolution and the 2012 budget. The Democrats will pound home the message that Republicans shut down the government so that they can cancel Medicare for everyone under 55, gut Medicaid, and cut taxes for the rich. Ryan is the hero of the party today. Six weeks from now, Republicans will feel about him the way the Confederacy felt about George Pickett six weeks after Gettysburg. Battered and chastened, Republicans will be less resistant to the safe choice demanded by big party donors: i.e., [Romney].

I suspect David is engaging in wishful thinking about Romney. But he's almost certainly right about the public conflating the current budget skirmish for the bigger budget war to come. Which could be fatal for the GOP.