Trump’s Transformation

Andrew Sullivan —  Apr 11 2011 @ 5:11pm

Andy Kroll reports on The Donald's growing extremism and his flip-flop on gay rights. DiA notes his flip on abortion. And Frum finds a silver lining to Trump's birtherism:

It used to be that the person offering the Obama-is-African-not-American message to the Republican primary electorate was a former speaker of the House, a fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, and a Fox News contributor: in other words, an eminent and respectable personage. Now Trump has stolen the Gingrich spotlight, knocked Gingrich out of the top 3. With the result that the bearer of the Obama-not-American message is a clownish TV personality in an absurd hairdo. That’s progress. Birtherism is being quarantined within the GOP. Better if it were repudiated and extinguished, but although this week was positive, it was not miraculous.

Weigel dutifully rebuts Trump's latest factual inaccuracies.