Dictators Down The Tube

Andrew Sullivan —  Apr 11 2011 @ 7:34am

Given all the praise and attention bestowed upon Facebook and Twitter during the Arab 1848, David Kenner rightly tells us not to forget YouTube:

Revolutionaries all across the Middle East, filming with the video recorders in their phones or other rudimentary technology while dodging bullets or racing through angry crowds, have created an online visual archive of the uprisings: urgent, jittery videos, punctuated by gunshots, shouts, and moments of breathtaking horror. Unfortunately, they're not easy to find — nobody is in charge with organizing this massive amount of information, and the videos tagged solely in Arabic can be hard for English-speakers to track down. Once seen, however, they are difficult to forget — exactly what the dictators feared.

(Graphic video from the Syrian crackdown in Latakia on March 30 following Assad's speech)