The Spectre Of Palin And Birth Certificates

Andrew Sullivan —  Apr 11 2011 @ 9:50am


Susan Orlean gets spooked:

Has any single person more indelibly colored the perception of a place than Sarah Palin has Alaska? I’m spending a few days in Anchorage, and at every turn I find myself reacting to things and people through the scrim of Palin identity. Every woman I see with a messy up-do, every snowmobile dealership I pass, every glimpse I get of a pristine wilderness waiting to be stripped and drilled reminds me of her. It’s eerie. I’ve never felt more aware of a person hovering over a place.

Meanwhile, Palin is upping the Birther ante by saying that Donald Trump's questions about Obama's birth certificate are legit: "More power to him." Joe McGinniss thinks out loud:

Of all the issues I would have thought Sarah would not have wanted to get involved in, I would have put “birth certificates” at the top of my list. Just shows that even I can underestimate her capacity for putting her foot in her mouth when she easily could keep it on the ground. She wants to join Trump’s inane campaign to revive the issue of Obama’s U.S. citizenship?

Didn’t anyone teach her about Pandora’s Box? Or does she think that’s a zone defense used in women’s basketball?

On the question of birth certificates, Obama has already produced his, but Palin only says she has released Trig's. Funny how no-one covers the latter story, isn't it?

(Photo via Buzzfeed)