Trump’s Transformation, Ctd

Andrew Sullivan —  Apr 12 2011 @ 6:29pm

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A reader writes:

Obama's supporters now have a unique opportunity: to link the weaknesses of two GOP front-runners. Both Trump and Romney were for abortion before they were against it (switching when they decided to run nationally), both were for gay rights/civil unions before they were against them, and both supported some form of universal health care before they were against it.  The Donald is now rivaling Romney as the consummate political panderer.

Another writes:

I read somewhere – probably on your blog – that O'Reilly told Trump during an interview that he didn't believe that Trump was really a birther.  I'm pretty sure O'Reilly has it exactly right. 

Demagoguery today isn't really about winning.  It's about creating a personality cult that can be exploited to turn on a revenue stream.  Trump is hungry for attention – he's always been that way, and he definitely knows how to milk fame for money.  So I think he's just trying to tap into the revenue stream.  It's a no-lose proposition for him.  At worst, he'll create an intense connection to a small group of fans.  And there's a lottery ticket chance he could become president.


What’s even more interesting is where all that support has come from. They did the same poll four weeks ago and Trump was at 10%, Huckabee still at 19% and most of the others unchanged. Where did Trump’s new 9% come from? Mostly from Romney, whose support dropped all the way from 18% to 11%. Gingrich also gave up 3 points. How do you even make sense of a party where people switch support from someone like Romney to someone like Trump?