What’s So Funny About Medicine?

Andrew Sullivan —  Apr 12 2011 @ 6:43pm

A Washington legislator has "proposed a joke amendment requiring the state to reimburse medical marijuana patients for pizza they eat while legally high." Scott Morgan isn't amused:

I will grant you that marijuana is interesting, important, intensely popular, and worth discussing at great length for any number of reasons, and yes there are some funny things to be said about it too. But there is nothing funny about legislative efforts to reform marijuana policy to better serve the public, and particularly the seriously ill. If the thought of passing a new medical marijuana law gives you the urge to make jokes, you are behaving like a child, not a leader.

I take Morgan's point. Core individual freedom and critical medical research are not easily understood by references to Pineapple Express. On the other hand, the cultural propensity to giggle at every reference to marijuana is baked deep. It's revealing, isn't it, that no one jokes as much about, say, cocaine or heroin or meth. Because somewhere in our consciousness, we know that cannabis is essentially harmless.