Bashing Idol

It's an ancient sport and it's hard not to agree with Richard Rushfield's indictment of the recent uncritical judging. Last night, mercifully, Haley's version of "Call Me" was so awful, screechy and perpetually out of tune, even Randy Jackson had to demur. Without DVR fast-forwarding, the show is unwatchable. But I still watch, and I still enjoy it as pure television. Pia's ouster was entirely predictable. She can sing but she has no personality. And, frankly, I've rarely heard performances like Jacob Lusk's on live television. He's a church choir ham, but you simply cannot deny the raw, boundless talent.

Lusk is also a cultural test. He would kill on RuPaul's Drag Race and is also a genuinely beautiful, sincere, uplifting vocalist. Can Idol get that gay? The sheer vocal ability Lusk has (only Casey rivals him) will test it.